High productivity is the key to success

Gain an abundance of possibilities to boost the productivity of your team

One of the basic missions of IC Project is to improve the productivity of your team. This is key to raising the revenues of your enterprise and, in turn, getting ahead of your competition. IC Project features many useful functions that will allow you to control all processes and offer ready-made solutions to improve the productivity of your team.

See how to effectively manage deadlines

Manage your task deadlines in a very approachable way

IC Project offers many interesting functions that will definitely facilitate your task management. One of such functions is a schedule where you can manage your task deadlines intuitively. The schedule is composed of five columns which determine the deadline of the given task. By moving the task between columns, you change its deadline. Simple, intuitive and immensely useful at the same time.

See how to control productivity

Control task-related productivity of your entire team in a transparent manner

When you carry out several projects at the same time, there is a problem of controlling your own productivity and the productivity of others. IC Project features a special management module, a solution allowing you to view all tasks from various projects. You can direct action towards a task or the people carrying out that task. This is a very transparent task view, which will greatly improve your work.

Learn about the possibilities of improving communication

Communicate in one place and improve the productivity in your enterprise

Productivity is, without a doubt, greatly impacted by efficient communication. IC Project is a tool offering many communication possibilities – starting from the built-in messenger, through full discussions within tasks, ending with access to all information for employees, which improves their knowledge and limits the number of additional questions. All packed in a single comprehensive tool for management and teamwork.

Do you like visual preview? We have a solution for this

Use the power of multiple interactive widgets available in IC Project

Do you know that IC Project has a special dashboard composed of over a dozen highly functional widgets? The presence and placement of all widgets can be set up by each employee for their own needs. Widgets can provide you with a lot of essential information about your enterprise right at the start.