Being a manager has never been so easy

Take advantage of the potential of the comprehensive tool wielded by the manager

IC Project is a tool dedicated to every manager. It features many highly useful functions which will allow you to control your enterprise and your employees. The technology and solutions implemented in IC Project will bring your managerial work to a new level. Check out what we have prepared for you.

Flexibility of IC Project is its great asset

Set up the access rights of your employees

IC Project is a remarkably flexible tool where you can set up individual access rights for each and every employee. Our solution includes a special access right management system where you can manage access rights to every part of our software.

Use additional advanced modules

Control and manage the workload of your employees in real time

Employee workload is a key matter for the operation of any enterprise. With IC Project, you can manage the workload of your employees in real time. We provide a dedicated solution allowing you to set the percentage cap on the workload for each of your employees. After the cap is exceeded, the system will automatically notify the appropriate people. There is also a transparent dedicated report for the module.

All critical processes in one place

Generate reports and gain a clear view of key processes in your enterprise

IC Project allows you to control most corporate processes – starting from projects, through all financial matters, ending with advanced capabilities of workload and work time monitoring. What would such a system be without the possibility to generate proper reports? You are always just a few mouse-clicks away from all key information that can be presented in the special reports you generate.

Save work time. Use the automation function

Use the automation tools to boost your work effectiveness

IC Project offers many automatic management tools streamlining control and monitoring of processes in your enterprise. Using the tools offered by IC Project, you will be able to monitor the progress of many projects at the same time and obtain the most important data from the system in the form of clear reports without you having to put in any additional work.

Check the task progress control features

Control the progress of delegated tasks and take action quickly

If you delegate tasks to other people, it is obvious that you also want to control their course and progress. We have a dedicated view for this. You can also view the tasks performed by a specific employee and their progress – what is more, you can check the tasks that have been delegated by you. There is a wide range of possibilities here.

See what the Gantt chart is

Plan, create schedules and react with the Gantt chart

The Gantt chart is a great tool to perfectly plan each of your projects and set up the work of your entire enterprise. This is a brilliant tool for every manager who loves working visually. The Gantt chart also shows all shortcomings of your project which you can eliminate rapidly and efficiently.