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Organization of work

Organization of work within IC Project is a comprehensive tool combining the functionality of many modules such as CRM or invoicing module. It streamlines the work of many enterprises on a regular basis. Choosing IC Project, you do not need any additional systems. With just one tool can facilitate many corporate processes and view all key corporate matters in one dedicated place. In IC Project.

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Get to know the possibilities offered by a comprehensive tool

Use a special combination of projects and the built-in CRM

In IC Project, many modules are connected on special terms. Imagine all your projects connected with your entire customer base. Carrying out external projects? Use our solution. Assign a project to a contractor and gain brilliant work organisation. Now you will see what projects your enterprise has carried out for the specific customer. All in one place – projects, tasks, customers and many more.

See functionality: CRM

All in one place

Issue invoices and assign them to the customer and project

Access to the invoicing module is one of the assets making our solution stand out. Invoicing is connected with project management and your customer base. As a result, you can assign each issued invoice to a project and to a customer. If this is not high-level organisation, then what is? All key matters available in one place.

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Check our interactive task calendar

Work in a calendar connected to your tasks

The possibilities of our interactive calendar are extensive. Do you know that it is also connected to task management? This way the calendar will show tasks and their deadlines for specific days. We are sure that it will boost your productivity!

See functionality: Calendar

Learn about new communication options in your enterprise

Task- or project-based communication? We have a solution for this

IC Project is a comprehensive solution featuring a built-in messenger. Of course, you can use our chat to talk with everyone in a private conversation, but you can also talk about a specific task or project, which is a big strength of our solution. With just one mouse-click, open a special conversation and the system will add all people performing the given task or project to it. The entire thread will obviously be saved and so you can come back to it anytime.

See functionality: Communicator

Budgeting combined with project management

Control the budget of your projects in a simple and intuitive way

The budget of projects is the foundation in project management. In IC Project we offer a dedicated solution allowing control of all financial matters revolving around projects. Before opening a project, you can run financial forecasts, register any incurred costs as well as control the financial result of the given project and react to it on an ongoing basis. Obviously, IC Project also offers the possibility to generate proper financial reports.

See functionality: Finances