Organised remote work with an appropriate tool

Invest in a functional tool for remote work

IC Project is a perfect tool for remote work. The potential of the cloud-based solution as well as many useful functions will let your entire team work in our tool in a highly effective way. Check for yourself why IC Project is a solution tailored for the remote work model.

Use the potential of the cloud-based solution

Connect your team from any locations and work remotely

IC Project is a tool being a great facilitator of remote work. The system allows you to connect all your team members regardless of their location and work effectively on joint projects. Use the potential of the comprehensive cloud-based solution and work remotely with IC Project.

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Get to know the possibilities offered by a comprehensive tool

Organise corporate communication at the highest level

If you work remotely, you need support in corporate communication. IC Project is the perfect solution for facilitating and organising the entire communication in your enterprise. Our tool always allows you to use a built-in messenger and many useful functions which will definitely level up your corporate communication.

Connect your team in ICP

Create a common work space for your team

Remote work is very much different from working at the office. Everyone works from a different place, so you need a virtual space allowing you to connect your entire team. You will find this in IC Project – this is a perfect solution for teamwork using a cloud-based solution. All key information and your entire team in a common virtual space.

Many functions in one software

Streamline a plethora of processes using one functional tool

Remote work follows its own laws – you do not need several systems to efficiently organise all processes in your enterprise. You just need one, but it has to be comprehensive. IC Project is just the system: it will allow you to manage projects and tasks, connect your team and streamline the entire communication. Many additional functionalities will make your work easier than ever before. Check out for yourself.