Entire corporate cooperation in IC Project

Team cooperation

Team cooperation within IC Project, is a tool allowing to create a virtual and, at the same time, functional space for your entire team. Use the great potential of our tool to maximise the effects of your work.

Get to know the communication options of ICP

Organise your entire corporate communication in one place

IC Project is a tool offering a lot of communication possibilities for your enterprise. Use our built-in messenger and communicate with your team in various modes. Talk about specific tasks or projects, tag people, send reminders.

Connect your team effectively

Use the common work space for your team

Imagine it. A virtual office where you connect your entire team. Every employee has their own individual account, but you all work in a common space provided by IC Project. Joint and effective teamwork is key to increasing your productivity.

Use the possibilities of our interactive calendar

Work with a common calendar and avoid task duplication

IC Project allows you to use a calendar, where you can view the duties of every co-worker of yours. We prepared it for you, so the information circulates in your enterprise even better. This way, you will never have to duplicate your duties again

See for yourself why the cloud is the solution

Use the potential of the cloud-based solution – IC Project means access to your resources anytime, anyplace

Choose a cloud-based solution and use its great potential to your advantage. Internet connection is all your team members need to access all corporate data they work with on a daily basis. All is safe and very well protected. Level up thanks to the possibilities offered by the cloud-based solution. You will be on cloud nine.

Bring your task management to a higher level

Manage your tasks together with your team and let your work be easier on you.

Do you carry out tasks and projects together with your team? Work taking advantage of many useful functionalities offered by IC Project. Get to know the vast possibilities waiting for you to use in team-based task management in IC Project.