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Are you looking for a way to accept service tickets or complaints from your customers? We have a perfect solution for this. Use our special advanced module that lets your customer report any problem quickly and efficiently so that you can solve it on the spot. Take care of good organisation in your company - it is the key to success.

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Your creativity is the limit here

Various applications. It is up to you.

The notification receipt module may be used in various ways. Your imagination is the limit. Maybe you could accept service tickets this way? Or maybe complaints? And how about acceptance of simple orders from the customers? There is a multitude of options. You choose how to use this module. Do not wait - act.

Top level customer service in your company

Use the special ticket acceptance form

IC Project offers a great solution for acceptance of various tickets from the customers. An individual URL address is assigned to your IC Project account, offering a special form. The customer clicks the link, completes the form, sends it to you and the ticket is automatically added to your project and task management tool. Simple, is it not?

Flexibility is what makes IC Project stand out

Customise the form according to your needs.

The form you share on the URL address can be customised as needed. All fields can be edited. If you want to, the reporting customer may be granted the right to attach files. It has to be emphasised that your company's logo will also appear in the ticket form.

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Organised communication with the customer

Start a conversation with your customer from the ticket level

If the ticket is submitted to the system, you can see all related information in an instant. Do you want to react quickly to a ticket? Reply to the reporting customer from the system level! The customer will automatically see your reply in their e-mail inbox. Please note that the reporting customer can access the special ticket panel at any time to check the ticket status - completed or in progress and at what stage.

Acting quick is the key to success

Create a task out of the ticket and start working immediately

A ticket has been received in the system. There is no time to wait, the issue has to be resolved right away. You can create a task out of any ticket in a quick and intuitive way. Just click one button, enter the basic information and that is all - done. Additionally, you can add specific persons to deal with the ticket issue or set the completion deadline for it. Efficient acting and work organisation are the key to success in such situation. IC Project makes it much easier.

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