IC Project is ever-constantly evolving for your benefit.  Check out what enhancements we have prepared for the system.

  • Q1

    - MVP mobile application (Android, iOS)

    - Gantt

    - Integration with Slack

    - Integration with Gitlab

    - Import from Basecamp

  • Q4

    - Subscriptions to tasks

    - Repeatability of events in the calendar

    - Integration with Google Drive

    - Integration with Dropbox and

    - Import data from Trello

  • Q3

    - Invoicing

    - Assigning external costs to projects

    - Wiki module

    - New documentation system as a file repository

    - Ability to attach files into the chat

    - Displaying thumbnails of graphic files

    - Adding attachments to comments

    - Draging & Dropping attachments directly in the task cards

    - Assign a task's deadline at creation time using the # tag

    - Add missing information without switching your view

  • Q2

    - Open task cards with one click

    - Change the names and colors of the task columns on the Kanban board

    - Individual settings for time zones, date and time formats

    - built-in system help (product tour)

    - Integration with Marketing Automation

    - Creating a test project with task assignment

    - Internet connectivity detection

  • Q1

    - Assigning a task at creation time using the @ tag

    - Trello-style keyboard shortcuts (space on active task, q in task list)

    - Loading tasks from a resource assignment file

    - Notifications of new tasks in the notification centre

    - New comment notifications in the notification centre

    - Information about the number of tasks in each column of the task list view

    - Degree of project work completion as progress

  • Q4

    – Project start

    – Assigning resources by drag & drop

    – Chat conversations in the context of a task

    – Chat conversations in the context of a project

    – Icon signalling about a task’s description with possible preview

    – Inserting an avatar from a computer’s webcam snapshot

    – Assigning tasks to contact persons outside the company

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