How to improve productivity of employees to benefit all?

Finding the answer to the question of how to improve productivity of employees makes the conducted business thrive. Reasonable management of human resources allows to reduce costs, eliminate wastage and guarantees effective use of know-how or skills of the employees. Here are some best ways to control efficiency and, at the same time, improve the employees’ effectiveness. There are lots of examples on the market of the right software to make work easier in this area.


Why measuring productivity at the workplace is worth it?

If you haven’t decided to measure the employees’ productivity yet, then you may be unwittingly acting to the detriment of the company. Nevertheless, in-depth analysis allows to draw conclusions it is never too late for. The easiest way to depict the significance of efficiency control is to use a specific example. Assuming that the enterprise hires ten employees who successfully meet the set targets, increasing the efficiency of each of them by only 20% will result in a noticeable real impact on the company’s operation.

Development of the employees’ skills allows to reduce the number of positions (cost reduction) or to improve the efficiency of the enterprise. Productivity control at the workplace is crucial as many apparently unnoticeable factors might have a negative effect on it. What tricks or tools should be used to monitor efficiency and gradually improve it?


Control the time devoted to the given project

When measuring productivity, special software is nowadays of great assistance. The market offers typical tools to measure only the worktime or overly complicated project management programs with a time measuring feature for each task separately.

Among many applications of this type of products, the functionality of assignment of tasks, setting the deadlines for them and controlling the time devoted to them has to be emphasised. It is a good idea to refer all this to the profit from the given engagement, creating the timeframes for the employees. Balancing on the carefully developed profitability boundary may be an alarming signal that the efficiency of persons engaged in the project is too low.


Don’t be indifferent to the employees’ feedback

Even in the biggest of enterprises, data regarding productivity at the workplace cannot be treated without a context. Behind each digit in the table or chart, there is an employee whose opinion can help significantly in improving the overall efficiency. Offer your employees an option to express their opinion, provide feedback or suggestions in several ways.

For specific engagements, comments do very well, meanwhile the right place for more general messages are chat and electronic mail. This solution gives also the employees the sense they are heard and appreciated, making them feel a part of the company. When you receive the right feedback from your employees, you can take actions to improve productivity in your company easily.


Analyse the task progress reports

The right software will provide you with a view of all details of the given engagement. In addition to the overall time devoted to the project, number of engaged persons or content of comments, you can also trace checking of the particular items in the checklist. This will let you keep your finger on the pulse, giving you a chance to detect work performed at an unusually low pace on time. This could result from fortuitous events, but also procrastination. This type of control is real only if specific reference points in the framework of the given engagement are identified.

Advanced charts that can be usually generated in several seconds are helpful in drawing even more in-depth conclusions and getting a broader perspective of the subject. Furthermore, exact measurement of time spent on singular tasks provides many additional options when preparing a quotation of multiple projects for the customer.


Eliminate redundant processes, offering convenient work conditions

A good way to estimate the employees’ efficiency is change of the work conditions for better. Not all modifications have to be time-consuming and expensive, though. Assuming that project managers have operated using only spreadsheets, sticky notes and simple applications so far, offering them a functional tool allowing for unlimited access to comprehensive task management, worktime measurement or project-round communication, also from mobile devices, should improve their productivity. If such a change does not have a positive effect on the number of generated leads, the source of the issue should be considered.

Maybe, it is the low effectiveness of action of a specific employee. If preview of all activities of the employee is available in a single place, improving their productivity will definitely be much easier. It is good to start with control of efficiency of the entire team, group or the given department, only then to proceed to individual activities oriented at specific employees.


What tool should you choose to increase employee productivity?

In all the above aspects, there are tools to support you. A high quality application allows to control worktime and project progress, generate reports and optimise multiple processes, concurrently acting as a database. There are many tools on the market, such as Trello, TimeCamp or Nozbe, that prevent chaos in the enterprise – it’s preferable to choose a product offering a broad range of facilities.

Is there any point in managing tasks, measuring worktime and communicating in three different programs? IC Project offers all these functionalities, it’s a tool having a great impact on work organisation in the company, at the same time helping improve productivity of every single employee, team and, in consequence, the company as a whole.

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