How to manage tasks in a marketing agency?

There is a reason why working in a marketing agency is associated with multi-tasking. Sale support, running the social media or website engineering – even though there are specific persons behind all these actions, the successful result of effectors of the entire team is what matters most. Since all employees of a marketing agency have their own scope of responsibilities, common effectiveness is built on the foundation of timely performance of entrusted duties. How to dot the i’s and cross the t’s in the perspective of all these specific dependencies?


Timeliness as the key word

Terms like “deadline”, “due yesterday” or “asap” are almost an everyday thing in marketing agencies. The battle with time and deadlines appears to be an inherent component of work, frequently causing stress. The studies of the World Economic Forum that analysed in cooperation with the Gallup organisation the relation between productivity and wellbeing of employees show there is a strong correlation between the monitored data. Thus, good organisation seems to be the basis of productivity and, at the same time, the guarantee of good atmosphere among the team members.

Therefore, to take good care of performance of tasks in a marketing organisation, use of various sources of help should be considered. Specialised project management programs, CRM software or, in case of excessive workloads, implementation of outsourcing allow to stay in touch with the rhythm of the enterprise.


CRM system and contact with the customer

According to the Right No study, customers who most frequently terminate their cooperation with the given company are those complaining about lack of engagement on the other end of the telephone line. Thus, inattention and ignoring the contractors’ needs seem to be some of the biggest flaws of employees who, preoccupied with the loads of responsibilities, sometimes fail to take care of systematic contact. Therefore, how to make sure that the relation between the customer and employee results in mutual satisfaction?

In this case, using CRM software is recommended to streamline message exchange between the engaged persons. Automation of customer service is conducive to ordered activities and allows to monitor contact records on an on-going basis. The effect of the discussion, actions taken and stage of negotiations – you are only several clicks away from all that. Thanks to information storage, CRM helps also in effective work, even in case of personnel rotation which is not so uncommon in creative industries.


How not to get lost in the tangles of tasks?

Proper task management is the key to success in marketing agencies. The task load in this industry is so high that a sheet of paper and colourful sticky nots are no longer enough to deal with it. With the current technological advancements, a great solution are various task and even project management tools. Functionalities of this type of software include, without limitations, delegation of specific tasks, status management or on-going updates of work progress. It is also crucial that all information is collected in one place and will never get lost. You think you can forget about a task? The software will not let you. Notifications will remind you about the deadline and all work down on every single task. You can find all this, for example, in the Polish IC Project or foreign Monday, Trello and Asana.


A calendar is a must, how to deal with it?

In a marketing agency, everything must go like clockwork. After all, the reputation of the company is based mostly on the customers’ opinion who love sharing their experience online. One of the functions that allows to effectively tame the chaos is a transparent and interactive calendar. The assigned tasks, daily, weekly and monthly view as well as the option to keep a personalised schedule. A common calendar for all employees is also worth noting as it allows to quickly check someone’s availability when assigning tasks.

In such a case, if you wish to combine task management with a calendar, you can choose a tool like IC Project, Flow or Zenkit. If you only care about the calendar, check the Google Calendar. Appointments, events, business meetings – situations known from marketing and working with customers. A good interactive calendar lets you add all events, assign available persons to them and will remind you about the deadline.

Project management tools are also frequently equipped with such functions as work time measurement and option to create chats with co-workers, streamlining information exchange and task deadline planning in the agency.


Outsourcing – a method for flexibility

Although time pressure may be mobilising, working in the perspective of never-ending tasks is often depressing rather than encouraging. If the graphic rebranding tasks or copywriting orders pile up, using external sources might be a solution.

In the case of outsourcing, as an increasingly frequently selected option, long-term relations are of key importance. This type of cooperation allows the agency to reach partners who will support the company in highly specialised activities. Third-party experts can also provide valuable support in case of unexpected orders requiring quick and professional action. Outsourcing is also often chosen as it allows to keep the employment level low and reduce operating costs.


Choose proven solutions

Regular contact with the customer, running social media of the given company and creating its visual identification – the comprehensiveness of services offered by marketing agencies is a great proposal for an enterprise entering the market. But to prevent the comprehensiveness of activities of the marketing agency from becoming the reason for neglecting its own structure, using professional help should be considered.

Outsourcing will prove itself in case of a sudden overload of tasks, the CRM system will help you maintain good relations with your customers and the project management tool will improve your self-organisation.

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