Is tracking work time even worth it?

Nobody can deny that time is the most valuable resource we have. Concurrently, the very thought about counting the minutes we devote to performance of tasks at work makes most of reluctant. After all, each productivity hour is different and what matters most is the effect. Meanwhile, knowledge about the time we spend on particular activities can be very useful. Why is tracking your and you employees’ work time worth it?

Project profitability assessment

Work time and project pricing are notions that should go hand in hand. But in practice, it is not always like that. Many times, a service performed for one customer is much more time consuming than when provided to another. Does the former pay more? Often times, he does not. Recording work time allows to find out whether the actual costs are covered and the project that was supposed to take 25 hours did not actually require twice as much time. Additionally, this information is invaluable as regards planning and pricing new undertakings. In order to accurately estimate their costs, all you have to do is check similar projects from the past.

More effective project management

Time tracking is also an important element in terms of keeping the project under control. Thanks to modern tools, such as ICP, that allow to monitor work time and generate regular detailed reports, the team’s flow can be tracked and analysed on a current basis. This way, finding the weak links and reacting pre-emptively to any difficulties before the deadline is at risk becomes much easier.
Knowing the number of hours worked, the project manager can also monitor the level of budget use. Therefore, why not use it?

Effectiveness boost

Effective work at a computer with Internet access has become a real challenge today. No matter how hard we try, the Internet makes time slip through our fingers like nothing else. The intention to check only one thing usually makes us end up proceeding to another one. And so, one quarter after another, our time is lost. Monitoring time makes us focus and is conducive to self-discipline. When we know how long particular tasks take us, we are able to take actions optimising our work, e.g. eliminate distractions.
Easier management of a remote team
Virtual and remote teams are the signs of our times. Due to cutting-edge tools, companies acquire customers all around the world and the recruitment activities are no longer limited to the nearest surrounding. Remote work requires trust between the employer and employee, especially in industries where time consumption of particular tasks is hard to assess. Work time recording facilitates management of such projects. Report analysis allows to easily pin point potential difficulties as well as improve the planning and pricing system.
Work time monitoring is one of the functionalities ICP features. The integrated clock and the function allowing to measure time spent on a task by means of a single click make it possible for us to focus on performance of our duties, without losing our precious time on operation of additional software. For all those who want to start tracking time, especially for those who wish to have all the most important tools for effective project

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