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With great pride and a smile on our faces, we are pleased to announce that we have put our latest creation, which is a special template system, into your hands. This is a unique project that we have been working on for a long time, and the knowledge for it has been acquired over the years. Everything that we have developed over the years, acquiring implementation knowledge from various industries, we are now passing on to you in a template system that is open to you. It is a special template centre that offers dozens of templates tailored to different industries and project processes. Each of them for implementation at the click of a button ?


What is our new template centre?聽

The project template centre is a new solution in IC Project that offers a multitude of different project templates aimed at different industries and processes in the project management world. It is a special product that will allow you to add projects in a snap without having to build them according to your own knowledge and ideas. In our template centre, you will find over a dozen different industries that offer unique project templates, each created with maximum and due care to offer the highest possible quality of projects ?

You can explore each of these templates in greater detail to read how it functions and what it was created for. What’s more, next to the template’s details, you can easily explore its views to see if it’s the template you’re looking for. If you want, you can save the finished template as a favourite so that it doesn’t get hidden in the clutter of others, but above all, you can add a new project using the finished template with just one click. You will find the template centre on the left menu (module: Templates), and you can also easily add a new template instantly using a template, because next to the traditional button for adding a project, you now have the additional option of adding a project from a template. Imagine that, one click and the whole project structure is ready ?



What does each template contain?

Each template has been organised in the IC Project structure to make it easier to run projects in the tool’s environment. At the centre of the templates you will find projects that are more and less advanced, as well as those tailored strictly for simple task-based work. Many of the projects have been built with stages, task boards and individual tasks. Quite a few Kanban boards have been tailored to specific business processes so that the template offers exactly what you want. You’ll even find special tasks in the right places, which have an additional description and a built checklist. Remember that each of the templates can be used automatically, but it is also always open to adjust the whole thing to how it goes for you in your project once you have added it ?


We pass on all our know-how and experience!

What you see in the template system is absolutely not a coincidence. Building templates for multiple project processes in a variety of industries is undoubtedly a major challenge. We have spent years preparing for this project in order to acquire the necessary implementation knowledge and experience. At the moment, we are transforming everything we have developed in recent years into a template system that is fully open to any user. All this to make your work easier and the project management process simplified to a minimum. With the new template system, you no longer need to spend a lot of time thinking about and building your own project processes. Just choose your template, get inspired and manage your projects ?


We are extremely curious about your experience with our template system. We’re even sure that the template centre should be a great help for you in your daily work and, above all, in the process of creating and building projects. However, your feedback is always crucial to us, so if you would like to give us your feedback, please feel free to get in touch with your account manager, a dedicated consultant or simply send us a message. We guarantee it will get through to the product department, and here…. little miracles always happen ? We will soon be revealing more templates for you in new industries, as well as templates for individual stages, boards and tasks. We’ve started with the key element, the project, but we’re not stopping there ?


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