10 best task management tools

Proper task management is key to increase both your own and your team’s productivity. There is quite a lot of interesting task management tools which will make your work easier and more pleasant. However, choosing the right one might pose some problems. First of all, you have to know your own needs – without it you will have a hard time making a good choice. This article discusses top 10 task management tools – some of them have many functions, some have less. We believe that the article will help you select the proper task management tool that will make your work more efficient.

IC Project

IC Project, project management software

IC Project is an intuitive task management tool. In IC Project, with just one click you can create a task, set its deadline and delegate it to your team members to it, who will receive an instant notification. You manage all tasks in the so-called Kanban, thanks to which you can always see which tasks are your responsibility, which tasks are currently being tackled by your team and which have already been finished. What is more, the tool is very flexible: you can create your own path and visualisation of tasks. Of course, you will find here a plethora of additional, and useful, functions, e.g. task repetition cycles, special checklist creation, labelling, template formation or prioritisation.

It is worth pointing out that not only is IC Project a task management tool, but it also offers many additional functions, which you can use efficiently to organise your work. The tool features a built-in messenger, which allows you to talk to each and every team member. You can create special conversations at the task level as well. In general, the entire software is a great support for corporate communication – you can use an option to comment at the level of tasks, which gives you a perfect opportunity to keep tabs on their progress. In your comments you can add various files or tag others.

The tool features working time reporting. Each employee can record how much time they spent on the given task and you will see all that information in proper tabs or in simple reports. A big strength of IC project is a built-in calendar, where you can see not only all tasks, but also events and even absences.

Task management is crucial in every enterprise. That being said, efficient organisation is the key to success. All tasks mixed up in one bag – this is certainly not a solution and IC Project takes that into account. It allows you to sort your tasks out into projects, task groups and even specific stages. As a result, you will no longer get lost and you will always know where to look. It is a perfect combination of high functionality and user friendliness. This is a tool that will surely prove useful in both smaller and larger enterprises.

Main benefits – IC Project:

  • task management based on Kanban – efficient classification into statuses

  • clear, transparent and simple task interface

  • classification into projects, task groups and stages

  • feature of task-related conversations in the built-in messenger

  • built-in calendar – view of tasks, events or absences

  • comments, person tags and file attachment

  • three-way notification system – the software informs you about all that is significant using e-mail, mobile phone and system notifications

  • additional functions, such as task cycles, prioritisation, working time recording, labelling or special checklists

  • intuitive method of drag & drop – you delegate tasks by dragging the avatar of the given person and dropping it over a task; the same applies to task statuses


Nozbe, aplikacja do zadań

Nozbe is a very interesting task management application. This is a system that is typically intended for task management and measurement of productivity, be it your own or your team’s. Nozbe offers a range of useful functions. These include deadline setting, commenting, checklist addition or task repetition cycles. In addition, Nozbe allows you to set priorities for tasks or categorise them.

At first, it was an application that boiled down to simple task management. Currently, however, it allows you to combine tasks into projects and features teamwork, for instance. You can create teams and, in turn, delegate your tasks. Similarly to IC Project, Nozbe features a calendar, but here you will see task deadlines only. Importantly, Nozbe allows you to create special templates – this option is popular among many users as you do not have to do your work again anymore and you save your precious time.

Without doubt, this is an application that will support the productivity of smaller teams and each employee individually. It is a simple tool which focuses on tasks and functions. It is worth pointing out that all tasks are shown as a list – of course, you can sort out your tasks, but unfortunately Nozbe does not feature the Kanban view, which is highly popular and praised all around the world.

Main benefits – Nozbe:

  • task management on a list

  • simple and user-friendly interface

  • task-focused tool

  • classification into projects, possibility of teamwork

  • commenting, file attachment, task repetition cycles

  • possibility to categorise tasks and put them in proper catalogues

  • option of working in the web browser or as a desktop application

  • access to a simple calendar with tasks


Todoist, program do zarządzania zadaniami

Todoist is a pretty straightforward task management application. This is a tool that allows you to store and order tasks in a matter of seconds. Needless to say, it enables you to stand on guard of your own productivity, but it also offers teamwork, allowing you to delegate your tasks to others. The interesting functions of Todoist are surely the ability to add checklists, set task repetition cycles or prioritise tasks.

Of course, the tool will keep you abreast of any changes in the tasks. Despite its simplicity – as well as transparency – this task management application allows you to combine tasks into special projects as well – which surely facilitates work organisation. Interesting additions might be a special graph of your productivity or dedicated templates, which you can always use to save some time.

Undoubtedly, Todoist is not an application with a load of interesting and more advanced functions: this is a tool that will support you in your daily responsibilities. However, it offers a lot of useful functions to do it, which will surely be beneficial. If you are looking for a task management tool, you have to think through whether a to-do list application is all you need.

Main benefits – Todoist:

  • task management via a list – quick task addition

  • possibility to comment, set repetition cycles or determine priorities

  • teamwork option

  • subtask addition

  • notifications of upcoming deadlines or changes

  • grouping of tasks into simple projects

  • visualisation of your productivity


Monday.com, narzędzie do zarządzania, zadania

Monday.com is quite a popular tool for management of tasks and entire projects. Monday offers much more functions than Nozbe or Todoist, for example. It is important to note that you can customise your task management view here – monday.com offers a wide array of options: Kanban, a basic table, a special schedule, a calendar, a chart or a dedicated map. We have to admit that this is a lot of possibilities.

When you enter a task, you have many functions at your disposal which are similar to those featured in other systems. These of course include task status definition, comment addition, label customisation, priority determination or deadline setting. You can work as a team in the application and group tasks into specific projects. Monday.com offers much more also in terms of controlling or reporting than the other, ordinary task management applications.

In general, this is an intuitive, colourful system which gives you more in terms of view customisation. For example, its dashboard includes several dozen widgets, which can obviously be customised according to your liking. A lot of available integrations is surely an additional benefit of Monday.com.

Monday.com is a very interesting task management tool – it offers much more functions than the typical, simple applications of that sort. This is a system which can be used to work as a team, take advantage of the many available integrations and – first and foremost – guard your productivity. A high number of available integrations or the possibility to customise views for your own needs are great strengths of that non-Polish production. A large minus, at least from the vantage point of the Polish market, is that there is no Polish language version. Unfortunately, the tool is quite expensive as well.

Main benefits – Monday.com:

  • several task management views

  • possibility of complex teamwork

  • comments, priorities, attachments and many more functions available at the task level

  • access to a special calendar and a task schedule

  • a comprehensive system which allows grouping tasks into projects

  • possibility to customise the view out of many available options, e.g. the dashboard

  • a wide selection of additional integrations

  • a complex tool for general work management


Trello, tablice z zadaniam, program do zadań

Trello is a task management tool popular around the world. This is an application which stole the heart of many a user thanks to its intuitiveness and task management functions living up to a decent standard. In Trello, you can group all tasks into working projects and boards – this surely facilitates work organisation: when looking for specific tasks, you know where to go.

Needless to say, Trello relies on Kanban – meaning the classification of task statuses by means of the drag & drop method. This works exactly as in IC Project, for instance. Of course, every task offers the basic functions – label addition, commenting, deadline setting and many more. In addition, Trello allows you to work in a team – you can delegate each and every task of yours to others. Of course, task management needs templates – the software features many useful ones. What is interesting in Trello is view customisation – the application offers such possibilities as non-standard backgrounds or stickers. You can obviously adapt the workflow to your own needs by – for example – adding an additional task status.

Without doubt, Trello is a very interesting tool for task management – it is user-friendly and features many additional facilities, which will make your work easier and more bearable. As regards tasks, you will rather find everything you need here. However, if you are looking for an application combining task management with elements of controlling or planning, Trello might prove to be insufficient.

Main benefits – Trello:

  • task management based on Kanban – the drag & drop method

  • grouping of tasks into projects and task groups

  • comments, labels, file attachment and many more

  • view customisation, e.g. with non-standard stickers

  • possibility of teamwork, delegation of tasks

  • access to a calendar

  • elements of automation in tasks through the Butler function

  • possibility to create special templates

  • creation of your own workflow

Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool, tablice Kanban, zadania

Kanban Tool is an intuitive task management tool. As the name suggests, it revolves around the so-called Kanban: a virtual board which allows efficient management of responsibilities. Of course, everything works on the drag & drop basis – you can simply move tasks between columns, thus changing their status.

The tool offers grouping of tasks into projects or special boards. In addition, teamwork is allowed: you can delegate tasks to specific people in an easy way. When you enter a task, you will see all basic functions such as prioritisation, deadline setting or commenting. An interesting solution is an option of task-level working time reporting.

In general, the tool is very simple, it will not surprise you with any complex functions. It seems to be an interesting solution for controlling your own productivity, but we are not sure whether its functions will be enough for a smaller or larger enterprise.

Main benefits – Kanban Tool:

  • task management based on Kanban

  • possibility to group tasks into boards and projects

  • teamwork option

  • attachment addition, prioritisation, commenting

  • option of task-level working time reporting

  • determination of your own task path


Podio, program do zadań

Podio is an interesting task management system which is slightly more complex. This is a tool which offers many useful functions for building your own workflow. Tasks in Podio can be managed for instance through a list or Kanban – you decide how you view your tasks. We do not have to add that the tool allows you to create various projects or put tasks in special folders. The entire structure of task management can be set up.

What is more, Podio allows you to set the options you will see in the given task. Of course, the system offers all basic task-related functions – you can add labels, customise priorities, post comments. You can also use Podio for teamwork.

This is certainly a system which stands out from the rest. This is mostly due to the possibility to customise the entire tool for your own needs. Most such task management applications offer workflow customisation, but to a limited extent only. In Podio, you have much more possibilities in that respect.

Main benefits – Podio:

  • task management via a list or Kanban – you choose

  • a wide array of possibilities for workflow customisation

  • basic functions in tasks – commenting, prioritisation etc.

  • possibility of teamwork

  • possibility to generate special reports


fortask, program do zadań

ForTask is a complex project management system. It features a lot of functions which are useful not only for task management, but also for planning, communication or reporting. Each task in ForTask has all basic options available in most of such systems. This includes commenting, attachment addition or deadline setting.

The task view is changeable – you can use Kanban or a sorted-out list. You can create the so-called checklist in every task. Of course, ForTask is a project management system: you can group all tasks into proper projects. The system features an interesting solution which is the option of predefined fields – you can add your own fields, which will be used in many places in the system.

Obviously ForTask allows you to work in a team – you can set authorisations, delegate tasks or talk with your team members. Work is considerably facilitated by an built-in messenger – a solution similar to that employed in IC Project. The system also features the option of working time reporting, planning of responsibilities for a short time ahead or generation of reports on performed tasks.

ForTask is surely an interesting tool, which is worth a closer look. This is quite a complex system which offers many useful functions aside from task management.

Main benefits – ForTask:

  • task management by means of a list or Kanban

  • a complex system with additional functions

  • commenting, deadline setting, subtask creation

  • possibility to group tasks into projects

  • possibility of teamwork – setting authorisations

  • working time measurement

  • predefined fields

  • built-in messenger

  • possibility to generate reports

Task Manager

Task Manager

Task Manager is a very simple task management application combined with a built-in messenger. The tool shows you tasks on a special list, which you can sort out to meet your needs. When you enter a task, you can choose from the generic options available in systems of that sort. Task Manager allows you to change the status of tasks, set deadlines or define priorities. The combination of task management and a messenger allows you to send messages to specific team members from the level of the given task. Each task can be highlighted with a colour of your choice so that you can find it quickly on the list.

Unfortunately, Task Manager lacks some functions – this is a good tool for an individual or a small team with basic needs. An ordinary to-do list is not enough to successfully support a larger entity, like a company.

Main benefits – Task Manager:

  • task management on a simple list

  • built-in messenger

  • basic functions in the task, e.g. status change, deadline setting

  • global control of all tasks


Heyspace, program do zadań z komunikatorem

HeySpace is a relatively young task management application with a built-in messenger. In HeySpace, tasks are managed in Kanban, which allows you to change their status and have a clear view of work progress. Of course, you can set deadlines, add tags or set task repetition cycles.

HeySpace gives you a possibility to work in a team – this seems obvious due to the built-in chat. You can delegate tasks to others or hold a conversation in the system with your entire team. We have to admit that the messenger is quite complex and features some functions that are interesting. It is worth mentioning that HeySpace has its own calendar as well – this facilitates productivity monitoring as you can always see all your tasks on a calendar.

HeySpace is certainly an interesting application which is being gradually developed. At present, it has basic task management functions, but the artful combination of the system with the messenger is surely one of its strengths. The entire interface of the tool is quite user-friendly as well.

Main benefits – HeySpace:

  • task management based on Kanban

  • built-in messenger – interesting additional functions on the chat

  • possibility to set deadlines, add tags or repeat tasks

  • option of teamwork – delegation of tasks

  • built-in calendar

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