5 best project management software in Polish for 2020

Project management software in Polish is an increasingly desirable tool in Polish enterprises. The most important aspect is to choose the proper software – a lot of enterprises are seeking project management software in Polish as the ability to work in Polish boosts employees’ performance. The market is full of various software of that sort. However, if you would like to work in Polish, our options are very much limited. To aid your decision, we chose 5 best project management software in Polish and we compared them in terms of functionality, price and the presence of the Polish language.


A proper project management tool will help you organise information flow and streamline communication in the enterprise and – first and foremost – allow you to manage tasks and projects efficiently. At present, apart from projects and tasks, software of that sort features many additional functions that help you manage your entire enterprise efficiently and comprehensively. Each enterprise has different needs and seeks different software that will solve different problems – the article helps choose that one project management tool in Polish that will organise and streamline your business processes the best.


IC Project

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IC Project is a comprehensive project management tool. It features virtually all functions you will need to perform entire projects with success and to manage the entire enterprise in general. IC Project allows you to manage a project efficiently in one place – the software allows planning a project and dividing it into task groups and all can be saved in intuitive templates. You can control each project in the Gantt chart. Tasks are managed in Kanban – create a task with one mouse click, set its deadline and assign employees to it: they will receive special task-related notifications in real time. In addition, the software offers work time reporting and ability to control the entire financial aspect of your projects. As a result, you can monitor the work progress in your enterprise on a continued basis.

Please note that IC Project features a built-in calendar, where you can see each and every upcoming deadline, plan events and even manage the absences of your team members. Communication is a vital aspect of every enterprise. IC Project is a project management tool with a built-in messenger, where you can discuss important matters in many different ways and gather all project files and attachments in dedicated catalogues.

The software also includes a built-in CRM adapted to project management and a special invoicing module. Interestingly, you can let your clients in the software and create new projects together. What makes IC Project stand out against its competition is the option of servicing requests – with a special form your clients can submit a complaint or even place an order. You will see all this in the system right away. IC Perfect is a perfect combination of functionality and ease of use. This is, without doubt, a user-friendly project management tool with numerous additional functions ready to be used.



In IC Project, you can choose two main packages with access to all functions. The Small package is available for 10 users at EUR 39/month and the Medium package – for 50 users at EUR 99/month. You can also use the system for free – a start-up package of up to 3 users allows managing projects and tasks in small teams.

Compared to competition, ICP appears to be quite cost efficient as you will pay the equivalent of somewhat less than PLN 450 for one of the highest class packages. Is this a good price? Decide for yourself.



IC Project is 100% Polish. The entire registered office of the team is located in the city of Kielce. Therefore, you can obviously use the Polish version of the software, you have access to Polish support and you can always count on dedicated trainings or dedicated deployment of the entire software in your enterprise. This is undoubtedly a strong added value for all employees who are to work with this software eventually.



IC Project is a tool that offers a lot of useful functions and is simple and easy to use at that. This a project management system in Polish which allows you to manage your entire business comprehensively. Thanks to this you can rely on one software as regards all your enterprise processes, e.g. management, monitoring, teamwork and efficient communication in the enterprise.



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Jira is a very complex project management software. In terms of the size of the entire system and all functions, it is the market leader, no doubt about it. The software is dedicated for software engineers and developers of various software. Of course, in practice Jira can be used in many fields where comprehensive and well-developed project management is required. The software allows you to track work time and progress, personalise your workflow and grant special authorisations. All data put in the software can obviously be extracted in special reports and summaries.

Jira is a tool with a lot of functions and it would be difficult to mention all of them here. They are useful at work, but do you really need all of them? Contrary to appearances, a big disadvantage of Jira is the fact that it is so developed. Because of the plethora of functions, it is difficult to master and implement. Currently, there are several enterprises on the market which deal with Jira deployment in enterprises professionally, which shows how difficult starting to work with this tool actually is.

Given that you would like your entire enterprise to work with such software – it could turn out that Jira deployment is time consuming and difficult. In addition, additional training costs would be generated. If you are prepared for this, check how Jira works and see for yourself if this is a tool for you. We assure you: you will not find more functions in any other software currently available on the market.



If you would like to use most Jira functions, you have to choose between one of two packages – Standard, the basic one, and Premium, the more developed one. Atlassian, software developer, offers the price of $7 monthly per user. However, there is a limit: you have to work with 11 through 100 users. Therefore, this is not a good solutions for smaller enterprises. With 50 users, for instance, the price is around $350 per month. According to us, this is around the market average.

However, if you would like to use Jira to the fullest, you have to buy the Premium package – here you can work even with 1 user, but the price, obviously, is higher: $14 monthly per user. And this makes the costs much higher.



Jira is a large system made by Atlassian, a recognised Australian company – you can see that everything is prepared at high standard. Even the sale portal is available in Polish. This allows you to see what Jira offers. The inside of the software leaves nothing to be desired. This is undoubtedly high quality Polish version. If you would like to use such extensive software and you are not afraid of the difficult deployment, you can do it in our own mother tongue.

However, the situation is not that bright in terms of support. The company is so developed that it is difficult to reach the employees that could help or serve us in case of any problems. In most cases, you have to resort to FAQ or wait for a response by e-mail. Nevertheless, we have to admit that Jira is a software management tool in Polish.



Jira is an extensive tool for comprehensive project management. This is a system dedicated for software engineers and companies producing various software. It features a lot of functions which allow progress tracking or give extensive possibilities of tracking all processes in your enterprise. Unfortunately, the fact that the Jira is so extensive makes it difficult to deploy in an enterprise. The boss or the person deploying the software in the enterprise acquiring all the necessary knowledge is one thing, but you still have to train the rest of the staff.

If you would like to deploy Jira in your enterprise, you will get a lot of useful functions. Nevertheless, you have to reckon with the possibility that not everyone will be able to use them. You need hours of proper training to do that.


MS Project


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MS Project is another complex project management software in Polish. It was developed by Microsoft. In MSP, you can efficiently manage projects, resources and at times even finance of the entire project. It goes without doubt that it is a specialist and advanced software where you can crunch numbers effectively. In addition, MS Project offers tools for planning and scheduling and, in consequence, for reporting all our work. Of course, the software allows integration with other Microsoft products.

A major shortcoming of MS Project is its interface, which is not very transparent. It resembles all Microsoft products, as it were. The system allows effective work and according to us it is a good solution for crunching numbers – in this respect you will find a lot of useful functions here.



The product is available in three packages – the first one, at $8.40 monthly per user, offers the basic functions only and you cannot plan out your work in detail, report work effects or manage your resources, for instance.

If you would like to use most functions of MS Project, you have to choose the second option. Unfortunately, this entails a high price – in this case you have to pay as much as $25.3 monthly per user, which generates the monthly cost of $1265 if you need 50 users. Without doubt, this is a lot.



Of course, MS Project offers a Polish version. We have got used to the fact that Microsoft develops good software – and you will not be disappointed in this case either. Even though tool transparency leaves much to be desired, the Polish version of the software is fine-tuned and you do not have to use our dictionaries to understand it.

We have to admit that this is project management software in Polish. However, if you were to use support, you would have to remember that Microsoft is a large company – you have to count on finding your answer on the Internet on your own or count on contact from the company, which will come after some time. Direct contact with an employee or a dedicated training directly at the producer’s site are rather out of reach.



MS Project is a developed software for enterprise management, where you can control your projects and, first and foremost, the figures related to it. It features a lot of expanded functions helpful in finance control – a lot of charts and diagrams allow you to extract a lot of important data from this software.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to tame – effective deployment in the company takes time and costs quite a lot if you would like to take advantage of most of its functions. A major shortcoming is the interface that is not very user-friendly; it is similar to that used in Excel, for instance. However, if it is not a problem for you, MS Project is surely an effective tool to control your enterprise.




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Nozbe is an interesting project management tool, which is based on task work mostly. You can use this application to manage your tasks easily – determine the deadlines, comment, add checklists or set task recurrence. In addition, Nozbe feature functions for determining task priorities or task categorisation.

Please note this is a Polish project management application. It was released several years ago as a typical task management tool – currently, you can use Nozbe to work on projects and, first of all, divide your work with your team members. Undoubtedly, the feature of task and project division between team members is a good solution. The application features project templates, allowing you to save your working time in the future. As we all know, proper time management is the key to success. Nozbe also features a calendar, but it shows task deadlines only – this makes it easier to keep an eye on your deadlines.

However, please note that this tool is intended for task and project management only. It does not offer much additional content. If you are looking for an application to improve productivity by way of managing tasks and simple projects, Nozbe will be a good call. However, if you are looking for something more, keep looking.



In its basic version, Nozbe is not an expensive tool. The software offers 3 packages to choose from – Business, Small Business and Solo/Duo. The last one is dedicated for individual task management in the first place, which you can do for around PLN 20 per month. In terms of enterprise activity – it is better to choose the Business option, where you have access to all functions. This is where the prices depend on the number of users to work in Nozbe.

The Business package price starts off at 10 users (PLN 199/month) and ends at over 10 users. Here the price is already high – as much as PLN 1599 per month. If we would like to compare it with the price of other systems – let us consider the price for 50 users. In this case, Nozbe costs PLN 599 with annual payment and PLN 749 with monthly payment. Not too much? Or maybe a lot? It is up to you to decide.



Nozbe is a 100% Polish product. Therefore, we have no reservations as to the Polish language – you can use the software in our mother tongue and rely on the assistance of Polish support. This makes things easier, no doubt about it. It is currently difficult to demand that all employees know English at a very good level. Let us work on Polish software! 🙂



Undoubtedly, Nozbe is a good tool for task management and basic project management. If you want to have an eye on your own productivity – choose Nozbe with confidence. However, if you would like to implement a comprehensive system for project management in your enterprise – you might not find many useful functions in Nozbe. We keep our fingers crossed for its development! Let us support Polish products! 😉




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Wrike is a project management software in Polish that features a lot of useful functions. The system allows you to manage tasks and coordinate the work of all your employees effectively. The platform offers basic functions for task management, e.g. task delegation, deadline setting or file attachment. A strength of Wrike is that you can organise your work according to your needs: you can create any combination of folder structures or adapt a project to your own requirements, e.g. using custom fields.

The application allows you to plan workflow with the Gantt chart and features functions allowing resource management or time and budget monitoring. You can also generate reports from special templates, which will make your work easier. As you can see, Wrike is a project management software with a rich selection of functions – it is surely a good idea to take a closer look.



Wrike offers you several options – the basic ones are Professional and Business. The first one is strongly limited in its functionality: you cannot use most of its functions. If you would like to use the software to the fullest, you have to go for the Business option, which is very costly. You have to pay as much as $24.8 monthly per user, which makes the price of $1240 monthly in the case of the example 50 users.



Wrike is a tool which released a Polish version several months ago. We checked it. Wrike gives you access to a Polish version on its website and inside the software, but it could be better at times. The translation of Wrike is quite second rate: some words have been translated into Polish, some – are still viewed in English. Of course, we respect the fact that Wrike developers decided to release a Polish version of their product, but the current incomplete translation may prove burdensome for enterprises and employees who would like to work in our mother tongue on a regular basis.

Moreover, support in Polish is not available now. As a result, if we you any problems, you have to break through an American exchange. It might be a project management software in Polish, but in practice – the Polish in it leaves much to be desired.



Wrike is a platform featuring solutions for planning, project management and teamwork. Possibility to adapt the work to your needs is a major added value. Wrike can certainly aid managers and bosses with the Gantt chart, the monitoring function and special reports.

This is a good tool, but its high price is a drawback. If you would like to use most of its functions, you have to prepare yourself for quite a payment. Another issue is the Polish version – Wrike features it, but it remains underdeveloped. We hope that this will change in the future.


Please note that the above article is not a ranking by any means – it is a description of the best 5 project management tools in Polish. We checked each and discussed its functionality, price and access to the Polish version. It is you that have to decide which tool will be the best for you.

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