5 top programmes for managing tasks on the Kanban boards

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Kanban is the world favourite task management methodology. The organisational system dates back to mid-20th century, when the Kanban board was first used in a production plant of Toyota. It is currently used in every task-based work and new technologies proved immensely popular. Kanban was put in place in the relevant software which make task-based work easier – and this is not merely an ordinary board with pieces of paper stuck to it, but a table with a lot of additional functions. Task management on Kanban boards in different cloud-based programmes is extremely easy, effective and intuitive and it simply makes task-based work significantly easier. Which programmes for managing tasks on the Kanban board are the best and why? See for yourself.

IC Project

Kanban IC Project

IC Project is an exceptionally intuitive task management programme, which makes your task-based work much easier on a daily basis. The tool allows you to divide all your tasks into projects and task boards, which will positively affect work organisation. The process of adding tasks has been shortened to the minimum – you just have to enter the name of the task and, as an option, set its deadline. Proper shortcuts and marking with “@” let you assign specific individuals with lightning speed.

Each Kanban board in IC Project includes 3 task statuses by default – to do, in progress and completed. However, Kanban offers full flexibility. You can design the path of the task as you please: you can add any statuses you want and change the name of the existing ones. It is you who decide what each Kanban board will look like in your task-based work.

IC Project is a very intuitive tool that is convenient in day-to-day work. This is thanks to such factors as the “drag & drop” work method, which was implemented in the programme. What is it? If you want to change the task status, you just drag the task between columns and drop it: you don’t have to search for the option to change the status; instead, you do what your brain prompts.

Task delegation works identically – you click the proper icon and a view appears where you see all members of your team. You drag the icon of a member over a task, drop it and task delegation is done. The member will also receive a proper notification at that instance (and this is yet another advantage over a colourful piece of paper😉).

IC Project features a three-way notification system that informs you about new duties, reminds of upcoming deadlines and notifies you of any changes that you should be up-to-date with. You will always receive a notification in the system, a message in your email inbox and a direct message to your smartphone from your mobile application. Of course, each and every task in IC Project is a multitude of additional functions to use, e.g. the entire system of task-related comments, the option to add files, dedicated checklists, prioritisation, task cyclicity or the possibility to track work time. All these options result in the fact that you receive an extremely wide array of possibilities for your task-based work in IC Project.

To sum up, IC Project is a 100% Polish tool for managing tasks on the Kanban boards, which is the perfect blend of high functionality and ease of use. If you would like to work on tasks using an appropriate programme, IC Project will be the great choice without doubt – also because you will find a lot of guidebooks and educational materials that will help you install yourself into this solution. However, if this wasn’t enough for you, at any time you can contact the Customer Service, which is at your disposal.



Kanbanize is a very interesting project management tool with a whole platform implemented, which helps manage tasks on Kanban boards. Thanks to this tool, you will have insight in task-based work, can combine planning with execution and will be able to finish specific tasks much faster. Kanbanize is a tool that might work very well in typical production work that takes over a dozen elements to complete.

The Kanban board in Kanbanize can be very elaborate: it can include several statuses, which you can obviously manage on an ongoing basis and adapt exactly to the needs of your team and your entire business. Of course, the tool allows teamwork on the joint board. For the process to be more intuitive, the programme lets you define the core roles of each user, and so delegate tasks more smoothly.

Kanbanize means a huge dose of flexibility and a lot of customisable fields. As a result, you can adapt the task preview, the fields to be available and all other options available in predefined fields. This allows you to make the entire task-based work process custom-made for your business – there will be no standard fields: all of them will be defined by you.

Yet another feature of Kanbanize is the so-called WIP limits – Work in Progress. This is a solution that allows you to have control over your task-based work performed by your team. In each column, you can set the maximum limit of tasks that can be placed there. If the limit is exceeded, the board will display a properly visible alert and if the user would like to move a task to such a column, they will have to enter the reason for which the task has to be placed in it despite the fact that the current WIP limit is exceeded. Needless to say, this is a very interesting solution, which can be applied in advanced production work on specific and selected stages of work.

Kanbanize is a tool for managing tasks on Kanban boards, which offers a lot of interesting and advanced features. It seems that this solution is intended for businesses with high production needs – it might not be cut out for simpler task-based work, which is to be simple, pleasant and intuitive by definition. Undoubtedly, it is worth having a closer look at such a tool for task-based work in Kanban and test out its possibilities for yourself.

Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool, tablice Kanban, zadania

Kanban Tool is a simple tool for managing tasks on the Kanban board. As the name itself suggests, all has been based on Kanban in this solution. This is software where you will not find any advanced features beyond task-based work – it might be a minus, but it might also be a plus. The programme focuses only on tasks shown in the Kanban form.

Kanban Tool is a visual tool giving you insight in the current status of your work and making cooperation and team communication easier. It offers a lot of interesting features that allow you to better control all tasks of your team. In addition, the solution was based on the “drag & drop” method, which allows moving tasks around between statuses in an easy way. Each task offers the basic functions, such as prioritisation, deadline setting, a system of comments or task categorisation.

A big advantage of Kanban Tool is the option to track the time spent on working on tasks. In effect, you will know who devotes how much time to a specific tool. Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate further into for instance finances in the tool, which is offered by IC Project for example. A very interesting solution in Kanban Tool is the analysis of task-based work presented in the form of different charts or diagrams. It allows to control a lot of processes that happen within task-based work visually on the Kanban board. With this solution, you will react quicker, and you will refine your processes to prevent any further delays.

To summarise, Kanban Tool is a functional tool for task-based work which is based exclusively on the well-known and generally appreciated Kanban boards. If you’re looking for a tool for simple task-based work which will present such work in a clear and visual manner, it seems that it will be a good idea to consider Kanban Tool and test it out.


Trello, tablice z zadaniam, program do zadań

Trello is task management tool that is very popular in the world. It owes its popularity… to its simplicity, so to speak. The programme is obviously based on Kanban boards, which can be additionally divided into projects. It allows assigning individuals to specific tasks in these projects or on selected boards. This is a great tool for proper organisation of your work and the work of your entire team or business.

Just like every task management tool, Trello features the possibility to adapt Kanban to your own needs, meaning personalised changes in the workflow: adding new statuses or changing the current ones. All this is based on the “drag & drop” method, which is efficient in day-to-day work to a maximum. In each task you will find a system of comments, label management, deadline adaptation and many more interesting and useful features.

This is a programme which keeps on developing and we have to admit that it looked much different a several years ago compared to what we are served today. A lot of new functions appeared in Trello. One of them is the Butler function – process automation. How does this work? Butler uses natural language instructions to automate nearly every task in Trello. As a result, you can choose specific terms on which the automation will work: for instance when it should move a task to a different column, how to plan tasks or when to show deadlines and remind the entire team about them.

What’s more, Trello offers you quite a large number of ready-made templates, which are prepared for specific industries and solutions – it allows uploading the data straight away and learning the ways of organising work. You don’t have to make things from scratch and work hard – everything is ready but, let’s face it, there are no perfect solutions and you will likely have to fine-tune each template so that it matches the process carried out in your team or your business.

To sum up, it is worth adding that Trello relied on integration big time – the tool offers many interesting solutions for integration with different systems and plugins. There are over a hundred various additions available which let you streamline your working process even more. Trello is a well-known tool which will be a great fit for task-based work, there is no doubt about it. The Kanban board in Trello offers many interesting solutions as well as work automation. Before selecting the appropriate programme, you have to ask yourself whether tasks are everything you need. Trello is great for managing tasks in Kanban, but if your needs are growing, the tool might prove a little too small. Check it out for yourself and test its possibilities.


Todoist, program do zarządzania zadaniami

Todoist is a task management application where working on Kanban boards is one of the possibilities. The entire tool has been designed for quick and convenient task-based work – currently it does well in day-to-day work as well as ordinary chores, which allows you to organise your life better.

It is intended for controlling your productivity, helps you write down tasks, for instance via a mobile access through its mobile application. All tasks can land in the main view of course, but there is also an option to classify them under the appropriate projects. All depends on how you want to work and what your needs are – the tool is flexible. The entire layout of the system is simple and versatile and the Kanban boards are fully editable, certainly. Todoist gives you the option of teamwork, where you can simply assign individuals to selected tasks. All this is also linked with a system of notifications and reminders.

Each task in Todoist has basic functions, for instance comments, checklists, labels, priorities and appendices. In this context, systems do not differ from one another and each offers very similar options – they might only be presented differently. Todoist stands out with its option of rewards for productivity. Each task completed on time gives you the so-called Karma, which you can then control and use to do interesting analyses of your own productivity. Without a doubt, this is a minor addition, but it can improve your productivity, even if just slightly, thanks to the extra motivation. A solution of that sort presents the focus of Todoist very well – that is typical task-based work.

Todoist is a programme for managing tasks on the Kanban boards which does not feature any advanced or complex functions. This is a simple tool, strongly headed for task-based work, where you have a lot of interesting options to choose from. If you choose Todoist, you will see that it is a solution which supports you in your daily chores. Is it a good solution for work? It might be a little too simple, but it also depends on your requirements.

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