50 best project management tools for 2020

More and more enterprises and specialists are shifting to the project-based business model. If you want your team to be effective, you need an efficient tool that will allow cooperation, planning and work result sharing. A project management tool will help organise information flow, ensure performance of tasks on time and proper resource allocation. The market is full of such tools. This is why we decided to compile a list of those worth your attention. We will present each tool in short so that you can choose the one that will satisfy your needs best.

All systems have the basic functions, so we will highlight their strengths and the features that make them stand out. Some of them feature a 30-day trial period when you can test them for free, but more and more producers of these systems are deciding to offer users only 14 days for trial. Each system has an English version. If you would like to work on a Polish version only, you will, unfortunately, have a narrower group of tools to choose from. If you are looking for a project management system, you are in a good place.

1. IC Project

IC Project, project management software

Virtually everything you need to manage projects packed in one place. Task are managed on a Kanban board and the in-built messenger allows users to talk freely. You can track your work time and see its course on a Gantt chart.

The calendar allows you to manage leaves of your subordinates and thanks to Wiki you can add announcements and instructions. The system also features contractor management, invoice issuance, budget control, mail and servicing reports. You can plan and manage your tasks and then read reports.

The system is comprehensive and user-friendly at the same time. If you want your client to keep abreast of the project, you can let them log in ICP and view the selected areas. You will quickly learn how to use its full potential.

Main benefits:

  • perfect combination between many functionalities and ease of use
  • flexible program that gives you the opportunity to create your own workflow
  • all company communication in one program
  • efficient project and task management with an intuitive notification system
  • a tool supporting remote work

2. GanttPRO

Gantt Pro, wykres Gantta, program do zarządzania projektami

This system allows you to build project schedules, track work progress, control expenditure and organise cooperation. With GanttPRO you can manage resources, talk with your team, add appendices and receive notifications in real time.

You also have access to milestones and the feature of creating project templates, which makes work easier. The fact that the system is user-friendly is its another strength.

Main benefits:

  • access to the advanced Gantt chart
  • extensive resource management
  • the ability to build a project schedule
  • access to tools that enable tracking of many company processes

3. LiquidPlanner

Liquid Planner, project management software

A tool with huge possibilities. The system may help determine work priorities, allocate human resources and estimate the time needed to finish a task, which allows to track a project, taking into account the hours spent on it by the allocated workforce. Conversely, the function of resource management can view hours spent by each employee on the project and track who is available to allocate them to another project.

All these data are sent to transparent desktops, which you can integrate with finance and trends. It is, however, very expensive – the system is one of the most costly ones in the country.

Main benefits:

  • tool adapted for resource management
  • comprehensive program with access to many functionalities
  • extensive tools that facilitate ongoing tracking and control of projects

4. Workzone

Workzone, software

Creating tasks and personalised to-do lists and sharing files will make cooperation easier. And this is only the beginning of Workzone features. You can set different authorisation scopes for different users, including clients, who can cooperate with you in the system.

It has Gantt charts and allows to create project templates.

Main benefits:

  • great opportunities for team cooperation
  • developed options for work planning
  • the ability to customize the workflow for your needs

5. Cyfe

Cyfe, project management software

Cyfe helps you track all team tasks, milestones, projects and sprints. The dashboard shows to-do lists, calendars, Gantt charts, targets, progress tracking, reports, discussion threads and more.

The system offers over 50 configurable widgets and you can also create your own, non-standard ones. You can also receive mobile and text-message notifications every time your indices exceed the threshold which you set for them.

Main benefits:

  • tool largely adapted for mobile work
  • many functionalities in one program
  • great possibilities in terms of monitoring all business processes

6. Celoxis

Celoxis, oprogramowanie do zarządzania projektami

The system helps plan and track projects, tasks, resources, working time sheets, problems and threats. It has well-developed cooperation features, including a configurable client portfolio.

File sharing, discussions and comments as well as the reporting feature are only some of its functionalities. The system is user-friendly and configurable.

7. Zoho Projects

Zoho, projects

Ability to manage tasks, a calendar and a messenger. The system’s strength is work time tracking, document management, invoices and expenditure tracking, and so project budget control.

The system allows you to plot Gantt charts. However, it only allows to create a limited number of project templates.

8. Mavelink

Mavelink, management software

Project management, project schedule handling and template creation.

Mavelink allows you to manage projects, facilitates cooperation with your team and makes resource management in an agile manner. Its interface is clear and convenient.

9. Vidu PM

Task and milestone management straight from the dashboard. You can generate reports of various types. A feature worth attention in Password manager, where you can store important password in a specific project, and link management, helping supervise SEO.

Moreover, the system offers working time follow up, file adding, invoices and many more.

10. Apollo

Apollo, program do zarządzania projektami

Apollo allows you to prioritise tasks, organise projects and cooperate with your team. Thanks to to-do lists, milestones, schedules and time tracking, you will up to date at all times.

A CRM function is also available. It allows controlling contacts and prospect clients. Electronic mail integration, repeating tasks and fast and user-friendly operation.

11. Worksection

WorkSection, program do projektów

Intended for perfect cooperation with co-workers and clients. A well-developed commenting system, which allows discussing all tasks and subtasks, as well as a calendar, time tracking, accounting tool and Gantt charts.

E-mail notification system allows to inform others about introduced changes.

12. Basecamp

Basecamp, narzędzie do zarządzania

Thanks to Basecamp, you can create team boards to manage individual tasks and actions and handle schedules and meetings. Calendar planning with Basecamp is easy – thanks to integration with a personal calendar, it is possible to compare your planes with plans of other team members and perform tasks efficiently.

The system also focuses on communication between team members through a navigation desktop and in-built chat.

13. nTask

nTask, program do zadań

Task and project management in a simple fashion. Clear interface. Moreover, a feature worth looking at is risk management: you can use a risk matrix to identify and assess potential risk and its frequency.

In addition the system offers work time tracking, project budget management and Gantt chart plotting. This is one of the most comprehensive tools available.

14. Paymo

Paymo, zarządzanie projektami

The application focuses on comprehensive project management, allowing you to track related resources, expenditures and invoices. Thanks to Paymo, you can plan and prioritise tasks and project-related stages and manage related resources.

This is also a time management machine, which monitors and reports the time spent on individual tasks and measures team performance.

15. Jira

Jira, zaawansowane oprogramowanie do zarządzania

Jira is a popular project management system used by large project teams. This is a tool designed and used by agile teams.

History creation, sprint planning and problem tracking are only some of its features. The users can also generate reports, which help improve teams and create own workflows.

16. Microsoft Project

MS Project, Microsoft, oprogramowanie do zarządzania

This is one of the oldest project management tools available on the market. Its features are task and subtask creation, resource planning and allocation and cost estimation. Project templates, Gantt chart, critical path method and milestones are also available.

You will have to spend some time mastering the system, but it a great facilitator in complex projects.

17. Asana

Asana, program do projektów

It allows to compile to-do lists, allocate them to individual team members and discuss tasks at the same time. Thanks to notifications, each action or status change is immediately communicated to other team members.

Moreover, it is possible to display a preview of all tasks pinned to the calendar. This is one of the most popular systems of this type.

18. Workbook

Workbook is a well-developed software package for project and resource management, CRM, cooperation, file sharing, forecasting and accounting. You can select and pay only for the components that you need.

The interface is quite complicated.

19. Redbooth

Redbooth, program do zarządzania projektami

You can organise an entire team, adapting it according to schedule at all times. You can easily create projects and tasks and pin them to specific workers and have a videoconference with them.

The system has a user-friendly and simple interface and features reporting. A mobile application is also available.

20. Trello

Trello, tablice z zadaniam, program do zadań

It allows you to organise projects on Kanban boards, communicate with your team and share files. It is very user-friendly and easy to modify.

With Trello, you can organise cards, which can be your thoughts, conversations and to-do lists and can be pinned on the board for all to cooperate.

21. Volerro

Volerro, program do zarządzania projektami

The system manages changing priorities and provides better project visibility and improved performance. It offers a chat and possibility to hold a conference. It uses Kanban boards to present various project stages.

Volerro focuses most of its features on team cooperation. It is a simple and user-friendly tool.

22. Workfront

workfront, program do zarządzania projektami

Workfront allows to work in sprints and in the classic way. It ensures project visibility and reporting functions. It is especially recommended for teams operating in businesses such as marketing and IT, where extensive cooperation is required.

You can use a resource management function to allocate work to teams, groups or individuals on the basis of priority, availability and required skills. You will automate a lot of tasks with Workfront.

23. Smartsheet

Smartsheet, program do zarządzania zespołem

Smartsheet helps teams cooperate, track time, report, manage resources and plan tasks on a Kanban board. The Gantt chart is also available.

With Smartsheet, you will be able to manage your budget and settlements more easily.

24. Monday.com

Monday.com, narzędzie do zarządzania, zadania

With Monday.com, you can create any number of tables where you can manage your projects. You can create dashboards, where you can observe what is going on in projects, and create tables for every project, where you will specify the planned items.

You can add documents, so you will not miss any significant contracts, notes or ideas. The possibility to invite clients to cooperate on the specified tables.

25. Wrike

Wrike, program dla firmy

In Wrike, you can set priorities and organise tasks in folders and subfolders. You can easily track work in many projects simultaneously. The Gantt chart allows you to see all your tasks and projects in one place. You can also add files to your tasks.

You can invite external partners, such as freelancers or clients, for them to have preview or contribute to specific tasks if you want to. They will be able to see only the information that you decide to give them access to.

26. Teamwork Projects

Similarly to many other similar tools, Teamwork allows you to automate various tasks, both with the application itself and with external tools and services. Tasks are viewed on Kanban boards or traditional lists.

You can discuss all important matters on a chat. The initial setup requires some attention. The application interface is simple and easy to use.

27. ProofHub

The most notable features of ProofHub are project and task creation, allocation of roles to users, file addition, Gantt chart plotting and the possibility to talk through an in-built chat. A mobile application is also available.

28. Redmine

An open source tool that can be installed and managed by the client themselves. You can use it to handle numerous projects at the same time, create tasks, track work progress and add documents.

The system features simple work time tracking and Gantt charts as well as project wiki and a forum.

29. ZenTao

ZenTao is an open-source project management tool for agile teams. This is the most popular project management tool in China.

What makes ZenTao different than other systems is that it divides the complex process of project management into four main components: history, a task, an error and a case, and then handles flow management within those four components.

30. Priority Matrix

The system is based on the Eisenhower method, where every project, particularly a critical and current one, should have its own matrix of individual tasks to be done to finish it.

Tasks are organised in quadrants based on their magnitude and urgency. Priority Matrix allows you to send files, drag and drop messages from Outlook and Apple mail so that you can track important conversations. You can create new projects using templates, which streamlines work.

31. Flock

Task management, built-in chat, project schedule and configurable reminders. If you want to track project progress, Flock will send you a project summary.

It allows you to connect with many applications available in App Store.

32. Scoro

This is one of the most versatile tools for enterprise management. With Scoro, you can organise work of your team on individual tasks, manage time and clients and receive automatic reports. The mobile application version of the system is also available.

33. Freedcamp

A plethora of features. Thanks to this tool, communication with your team, work time tracking and task creation becomes a pleasure.

The programme features a Kanban table, Gantt charts, milestones, wiki, possibility to issue invoices and password, error and contractor management. Simple and functional.

34. Hive

Hive combines team communication and task and file management in one place. Teams can talk about projects, share gifs and everything that needs discussing.

If someone asks you to do something in a message, you can simply drag that message to your to-do list. The system features Gantt charts as well.

35. Hitask

Create new projects, tasks and meetings and share a file library and a calendar to other team members. Assign tasks, track their performance time and generate reports on them.

You can discuss all tasks in a built-in chat or comment on them in a project. Hitaskis very user-friendly.

36. Yodiz

Software intended for teams working in sprints and for the IT business. It is a Scrum tool along with a problem tracker, which offers a range of features for teamwork.

It allows to track problems and errors, manage a product portfolio and cooperate on Kanban boards.

37. ActiveCollab

It offers functions supporting team cooperation, task management and time and cost tracking. One of the strengths of ActiveCollab is that it features the invoicing function. Reporting allows you to keep abreast of project progress.

Set hourly rates for various task types and tracking time for all tasks and projects.

38. Twoodo

This is a teamwork tool that lets you create workflows easily. The entire communication and tasks are organised in conversations. In them you can directly add tasks, events and deadlines.

It covers team and private messages, task management, a common calendar, magnitude levels, file sharing and tagging.

39. Nutcache

Nutcache is a complex solution for managing the entire project life cycle. The tool focuses on time tracking and settling and planning, confirming, measuring and controlling project progress.

It was designed for agile teams. It has a simple and user-friendly interface.

40. ClickUp

This is a versatile platform with user-friendly structure, where you can create projects and tasks and track their performance time. Teamwork attains a new quality. You can prioritise tasks, create interrelations between them and create checklist templates.

If you work in sprints, you will surely be satisfied ClickUp: it is its strength.

41. Avaza

Avaza is, in short, project management, work time tracking, appraisals / estimates, expenditure management and invoices. You can create business reports and invite co-workers to your projects.

You tasks are visible on a Kanban board or a Gantt chart, you can transfer them from one project to another. Simple and user-friendly interface.

42. Bitrix24

The solution offers CRM, project management, time management and file management. What is a very interesting feature is a built-in intranet, which covers content sharing, messengers, commenting, likes etc.

You can communicate through a chat or a videoconference, create tasks straight from you e-mail or manage your team.

43. Infinity

A wide range of features will let you manage projects and effectively cooperate and organise. Simple and flexible, Infinity can be used to organise virtually anything, from every-day tasks to large corporate projects.

Task are managed on a Kanban board. You can create to-do lists, add files, manage your team and track time. Unfortunately, it does not offer Gantt charts.

44. AllDone.io

AllDone.io is based on the Scrum methodology: as a result, it stands out from the other solutions. It helps in such aspects as spring planning, arrears management and estimation.

It also features a speed chart and a burnout chart and user management. Tasks can be handled in Kanban. You can map user history to determine priorities and critical points and, in turn, to plan long-term goals better.

45. Clarizen

This is a tool allowing you to control different project aspects, such as task, risk and request management and time and expenditure tracking. You can create your schedule, which allows easy project progress tracking and update.

You can use Clarizen to store files. It has a user-friendly interface.

46. Evernote

A popular solution thanks to its flexibility and a huge number of integrations. You can create projects and tasks, add graphics and notes, compile to-do lists and send documents.

Thanks to Evernote, you can manage deadlines, clients and meetings. It is especially recommended for private use.

47. Orangescrum

Simple and effective software for project and task management. It allows you to plan work in sprints, determine tasks and assign them to workers and track work time.

An interactive Gantt plot allows monitoring of task progress in real time and interrelation mapping. Orangescrum also features invoicing. This is one of the cheaper tools available on the market.

48. Twproject

Plan actions, register time, manage project budgets and monitor costs throughout project life cycle. If you like working in sprints and on the Kanban Board, Twproject is the tool for you.

It allows you to track work progress, cooperate with your clients, store documents and plot Gantt charts. The interface is similar to Excel, it is clear.

49. Daylite

Daylite combines CRM and a project management application. Thanks to it, sales organisation will become convenient and effective. Any tasks, contacts, e-mails and notes will be kept in one place.

One of the solution’s strengths is a well-developed CRM. You can use it offline. Unfortunately, it is only available on iOS systems.

50. Agilean

Substantially, Agilean was developed for IT enterprise. Its main features are project planning, project performance and monitoring, Scrum and Kanban boards, hindrance and response plans, meeting automation, issue management, analysis and reports.

This is a configurable tool, with which you can set an automated process of Kanban workflow in just 2 minutes thanks to 50 preconfigured templates.

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