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Best online calendar in 2022


A calendar is an important task management tool for the entire team. There are different types of calendars – traditional, mobile applications and online calendars using new technologies. When used efficiently, a project management calendar can improve task management and document flow in organizations to increase efficiency and improve communication. The best solution in project management is online calendars. Undoubtedly, when an enterprise uses a calendar in such a form, it will get a much better work organisation as well as much simpler access to key team information. 

IC Project – calendar online

Kalendarz firmowy online w IC Project

IC Project is a tool made to better manage teamwork and, in turn, allow upgrading work organisation. The programme features an online calendar which offers a combination of teamwork, event and task management and leaves. How does it all function and how does it work in harmony?

In IC Project, you have a full teamwork calendar to use. Every time you’re on the calendar, you can choose the individuals whose schedules you would like to see. In addition, you can define the co-workers whom you share your duties with. If you select an individual, the joint teamwork calendar in IC Project will display the events, tasks and the scheduled leaves of the followed individual. If you select more individuals, each one of them will have a colour assigned with which all elements in the calendar will additionally be marked with a certain colour. As a result, the calendar will present the entire work most intuitively and allow you to reach key information quickly.

The IC Project online calendar allows you to add events and assign them to specific individuals. If you do this, the individual assigned to the given event will receive an automatic notification, e.g. as an e-mail or to their smartphone with a mobile application (IC Project also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android). In addition, the IC Project calendar lets you manage different assets and liabilities – what does it mean? You just have to define proper categories for your business and then assign a category to an event. You will get a clear and transparent outlook on when a company car or a conference room is free and when not.

However, IC Project is not only a calendar but also an intuitive and functional way to manage projects and tasks. This presents a huge value to the IC Project calendar as it is linked with all tasks managed with the software. If only a task within different projects is assigned to the given individual, it will show in the calendar of that individual and will be displayed exactly on the due date of that task. This is a huge value as IC Project offers a modular link here – all events and tasks are shown in one joint teamwork calendar. Let’s face it, showing tasks by their due dates gives a much wider space for effective management of the entire task-related work.

But that’s not all. When we deal with project management tools, rarely do we think about leave and absence management. And these are also the features offered by IC Project. The software offers a simple, yet functional, module allowing employees to submit a leave application. The superior can accept or reject the application outright as well as set the number of leave days for each employee. The system will calculate all this after each accepted leave. This is just the first aspect, though: the other is a clear circulation of information. Every scheduled leave will be visible in the calendar to the entire team – which will prevent situations where we add individuals to a meeting or a task who have their leave scheduled at the time.

To sum up, IC Project is a tool which offers an online calendar for a team and an enterprise. The calendar has been put in place as a combination of different modules allowing management of meetings and events as well as any tasks carried out in the IC Project. Moreover, an entire module of leaves and absences is available, thanks to which IC Project gives us one versatile calendar for teamwork with all key information. Do you know the situation where you don’t have to ask your team colleague whether they are on leave on the given date or whether they already have plans? If not, try IC Project. Remember that IC Project in the version with the calendar, leaves and tasks is entirely and indefinitely free. In addition, the tool is praised for its modern and user-friendly interface.

Google Calendar – popular calendar

Kalendarz Google

The known and liked Google Calendar, which doesn’t have to be introduced to anyone. Needless to say, this is one of the most popular online calendar services even for those who have never used new technologies for calendars and work on traditional ones. The Google Calendar offers a lot of functions and, first and foremost, interactions between many additional Google services, of which there is plenty on the market.

The Google Calendar can be used as a private calendar for every employee, but it was designed specifically for teamwork and as one, joint company calendar. Of course, you can add events and assign them to specific individuals here, but this is what the entire Google company service named Google Workspace is for. In the Google solution, you can also create a variety of other, additional calendars and put them together to see different connections and, possibly, whether the given dates are already taken. This is a good solution as it can be integrated with external calendars and, in addition, create online calendars for private or enterprise solutions differing in different obligations.

Moreover, the Google Calendar offers free access from a smartphone or a tablet – of course, Google has the appropriate functional applications for this which will work perfectly in managing your daily battles. The online calendar also features a task addition option – this is merely for information, though; remember that Google is not a tool made for project and task management. Therefore, if you manage teamwork in an enterprise with another tool, it will be difficult to tie it all up with the Google Calendar. Copying and manually adding information for task performance can be quite a challenge and, to put it in more real terms, a clear waste of time. So if you decide to implement a programme for the project- and task-related work, make sure it also features a functional calendar.

What’s worth noticing is the already mentioned links with other Google services, e.g. Google Meet or Google Maps. Every event can be combined with a Google Meet videoconference straight away. Moreover, adding locations allows an automatic link with Google Maps. However, this is a solution used in every online calendar as Google releases dedicated integrations and links here.

Of course, the calendar in question offers a proper notification system, which can be personalised by the user. If you, then, would like to have automatic reminders of the events added for your employees, it can be configured. The situation looks identical in terms of reminders of our calendar plans, which are also offered by Google.

Without a doubt, Google Calendar has a lot of interesting features and this is a powerful calendar tool giving you a private and company calendar and not only that… Functional and various viewing modes, calendar adaptations, and the overlap of different views or automatic integrations with additional Google services are huge advantages. However, this is not a tool offering a full connection with the project- and task-related work, so work must be planned in terms of meetings and events – in this area, Google Calendar will be a good solution. To be sure, the calendar allows you to add tasks, but those will usually be activities without any additional options to set up. Moreover, the solution does not offer management of leaves and absences, which will also obscure full access to team information. As a result, a question arises – what needs do you have regarding a calendar? Full access to information or first of all effective management of meetings and automatic integrations with a range of various services? Google Calendar provides you with the latter in advanced form.

Firmao – calendar online for teams

Kalendarz online dla firmy w Firmao

Firmao is a large and advanced system for managing an entire enterprise. In general, it offers solutions in the context of CRM, ERP, settlement and accounting systems and offering programmes. Of course, Firmao features a calendar for your enterprise, one which offers several interesting functions. Large systems are often not intuitive and transparent and reaching some options also requires spending a lot of time. What does it look like in Firmao in terms of the calendar?

Needless to say, the calendar in Firmao allows you to add events and meetings, in a strongly cut version though. Remember: this is a multimodular system, so you will automatically have access to the employees whom you can tag in an event or a meeting right away. However, if we have CRM as well as a calendar packed up in one system, it should right away offer a link between the event and the given contractor. This is exactly what Firmao features. Certainly, this will be merely internal information for your enterprise. However, this is an important aspect of work organisation and information circulation. The system also includes certain solutions which prevent event overlap – the solution is slightly more advanced and requires proper setup, but this is undoubtedly an interesting way to prevent events from overlapping on specific dates.

The vast Firmao system also features some modules for project and task management, but the multitude of modules will probably not make it a system with project and task management as functional as in systems dedicated to this field specifically. Therefore, if you want to manage projects and tasks and you’re looking for a solution in this area, you have to pay attention to a lot of additional issues as a calendar and a proper view of scheduled tasks is always an added value for the project- and task-related work. You will find this is Firmao: a link with tasks is available and they will be displayed in the appropriate places in the calendar. However, tasks can also be added to the calendar and work can be planned here only then. Is this solution effective? It seems so partially, but everything depends on the nature of the enterprise and its processes.

The Firmao calendar features an interesting solution consisting in marking an activity tag personally, which allows you to tag a specific employee. This is, of course, an addition, but it may prove to be an interesting way to manage your teamwork. In Firmao, there is a system of notifications and automatic information – it will work when new events are added for employees or when new duties or tasks are created. In such a case, the system will send automatic notifications to selected users. Analogously, the tool will remind you of upcoming due dates, so in this context, you get a traditional function of calendars. Traditional yet immensely useful. Remember that analogue versions do not offer this feature

In conclusion, Firmao is a vast system featuring many modules key to the management of whole enterprises – CRM, ERP, stock levels and accounting software. Firmao also includes a teamwork calendar, but the multitude of available options makes this a system that is not simple or user-friendly. Of course, Firmao is a functional solution and it offers a lot of interesting possibilities, yet the crux of using the Firmao calendar is when you also use other, additional modules, e.g. CRM or stock levels. This is when you can efficiently organise your enterprise with just one tool. Using this tool for calendar work only seems rather off point as the calendar is a paid package. This is not what we see in the above services, that is IC Project and Google Calendar, as in those tools the entire work with calendars, projects and tools as well as the absence module is entirely free of charge.